Why is Manual Directory Submission Service Better?

The practice of submitting the link of your website along with some other details, such as title, keywords, on several online directories is called the Directory Submission. Directory Submission Service is used to as a very useful internet marketing tool. The main purpose of the Directory Submission is to increase the Search Engine Optimization of your website. The business organizations turn to the most basic online marketing technique, i.e. Directory submission, in order to make the presence of their business felt on the internet. The process of Directory Submission creates quality back links of your website on the internet for the search engines to find and boosts the traffic on your website. In addition to this Directory Submission services also help include your website on the Search Engine indexes hence improving your SEO.

Manual Directory Submission Services

In order to get the desired result from the Directory Submission Services it is important that some factor to be kept in mind, which is as follow:

  • Time: how long does a directory submission, complete seo link building service take to submit your link on the web directory? If the Directory submission takes a few days then it is considered to be of a good quality directory submission service. The longer it takes the better, one-way and permanent back links of your website are created.
  • SEO friendly: It is important that the web directory chosen by the Directory Submission Service is SEO friendly. It not only helps get you more traffic but such web directories help you boost your SEO ranking in very short period of time.

Manual Directory Submission Services

Manual Directory Submission Service is more preferred by most businesses and the Search engines as well, in comparison to the automated directory submission services. Manual Directory submission means that the URL of your website is submitted on several web directories manually, one by one over a period of time. In order to improve your SEO ranking it is important that your website’s link is submitted under the relevant category of the web directory. Manual Directory Submission service ensures the relevancy of the category. As the process is done manually it is done with a lot of vigilance. As manual directory submission service takes time it is also but helpful for your SEO boost. The directory submission that takes time is considered better. Automated Directory Submission services submit the link of your website to hundreds of web directories at once and hence at times regardless of the category or the specification of the web directory. Such submissions are at times considered spam by the Search Engines and hence are rejected by the Search Engine Spiders. This does not ensure the improvement in the Search Engine Optimization of your website.

Manual Directory submission services also produce quality, one-way and permanent backlinks unlike the automated directory submission. Under manual directory submission, with the help of strong backlinks not only the traffic of your site increases but the SEO ranking as well.

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