In the online world, entertainment is everything. A lot of people go to the Internet not to shop but to catch up with family members and friends through social media sites (and um, to view funny things. Or NSFW things.) This is why a lot of people love 9gag and all the memes it contains. So if you are aiming for a top spot on the Internet, one of your best bets is to go viral through good old laughter. Hire an Internet marketing agency to do your memes for you! Because it’s definitely easier to “like” and “share” if something’s funny. So without further ado, here are our top 10 ways to entertain people online.

 10. Memes

I love my memes! In fact, I actually create (and curate!) memes on my downtime. There’s a study about memes and how theyokay studies are boring. But memes aren’t. Here’s one I created especially for this article!

 Presenting Deadpan Duck! (Who’s actually um, a Goose? Hey, a goose can dream!)

Photo Credit: Commons.Wikimedia

 9. Don’t Be Afraid of the Bad Words

Yes, this might be a bad tip in the making. But take a cue from our dear friends across the pond. They do know how to create deadpan jokes while injecting a bit of humor c/o a creative bad word. I love Stephen Fry and his witty jokes. He isn’t afraid of saying those nasty words that can easily get censored. So sometimes, it’s actually pretty okay to take a risk and just say a bleeping bad word every now and then. And no, I’m not taking THAT risk today.

 8. Resuscitate Disco!

Okay so this is a bit tied to number 10. If you’re targeting a specific age group, why not create a meme that brings back the 80s? Or the 90s? Or the early 2000s? This is a great way to get those precious shares on Facebook. Extra points if you make people laugh.

 7. Master the .gif

Whether you pronounce it as “gif” or “jif”, the .gif is a great way to engage people online. And for the record, it’s “jif” according to its creator. But if you don’t use Tumblr for your business, why not create a Vine? It’s similar to the .gif and is actually gaining a lot of shares on Facebook right now. It doesn’t take a lot of money to create a Vine – just a bit of creativity and you’re good to go.

 6. Make Parodies

Okay so this is definitely an expensive and tedious way to make people laugh online. But sometimes, it really works. A lot of people have gone viral this way. Asian backstreet boys, anyone?

 5. Sing off-key

You would be surprised at the number of people who have gotten famous just by looking a certain way and singing really really reaaaally off key. Like, eardrum-bashing off key. It’s certainly a great way to make people laugh and I personally have seen many a YouTube video with a person singing off key in Facebook – thanks to shares by different kinds of people.

 4. Use innuendos

We’re all human. And a lot of people have a tendency to guffaw or snigger when there’s a dirty joke involved. Whether it’s a visual pun or an actual pun, the power of a well-crafted dirty joke is truly amazing. In my books, if it’s sexual and contained in a pun, you are one

 3. Babies + Cats + The Unexpected

Babies have a tendency to act like drunken adults. And vice versa! Throw in a banana peel or bits of flying bacon and you’ve got a sure thing on your hands. It’s actually almost humanly impossible to NOT make anyone laugh when there are funny babies involved. Whether your target audience likes babies or not, if it’s funny, they will share it!

 2. Weird Swedish Bands

Okay, maybe not exactly weird Swedish bands of the 80s (but there is a site dedicated to this funny lot!). Anything weird and WTF-inducing is a surefire way to get people talking (well, typing) on the Internet. If it’s like a joke created by someone who’s definitely insane and/or high on something, it will spread like wildfire. Trust us.

 1. Sexy + disaster

Lastly, if someone sexy/good looking is involved (whether it’s a dude, a lady, or a part-time dude) and there’s a disaster in the horizon, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s gonna make people laugh.


Witty jokes that cater to a specific set will get you some likes and shares as well. Be it literary jokes, illuminati jokes, Nintendo jokes, molecular biology jokeswell, specializing is definitely helpful! If it’s witty, it might not get a ROFL but it could probably get a share – it’s what you’re aiming for, anyway!


Remember to take into consideration a few factors like culture and religious beliefs (or lack of it!). What could be LOL-inducing for one race/group of people could be downright stupid for another. Or worse, racist! So if you want to reach as many people as possible, think of something that can induce laughter across all cultures without resorting to offensive stereotypes – yeah, no pressure!


If you find it hard to create something funny, look everywhere for inspiration!

Photo Credit: Commons.Wikimedia

 Author Bio:

 Roger Pahuriray, an SEO specialist working with PinAgency.Com, a web design agency based in Los Angeles. He is also an avid blogger keen to share the latest news and trends in ecommerce and Internet marketing. Roger is particularly interested in giving business owners new tips and strategies on how to best reach their target markets online.

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